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My dad started making mattresses in 1952. I joined the business after graduating NYU, 1976. My dad also instilled a love for camping in me when I was a child. Our family spends a lot of vacation time traveling with our camper. I know what an RV mattress needs to be.

We make a full line of camper mattresses, with love and care. We do it using the best materials and machinery available.

Use the menu on the right to answer any questions you may have; or call me. My name is David Lane, I am the proprietor. I stand behind any rv mattress we build.

About the foam in your RV mattress.

Urethane foams are made in "buns". They take "bun" pans, sometimes as big as a car, and pour a two part liquid urethane into them. The poured liquid slowly transforms into a flexible solid. The transformation gives off heat. This heat boils off tiny beads of a "blowing agent". Each bead will make one pore of the foam. (See Note-1)

Boy not sleeping on a sofa bed mattressNow if that sounds tricky, you are right. Foam blows differently at the bottom of the bun than it does at the top. That's because there is more pressure at the bottom. It also blows differently from the spot it was first poured into to the places it flowed last.

If the "blowing beads" are too big, or too small, the foam might be excellent for seat cushions, but not for mattresses. Everything from the humidity of the room, to the proportion of blowing bead sizes has to be controlled.

So what really happens is that a mattress can be cut from any part of that "bun". Its my job to make sure that you get yours cut from the right part of the right bun.

How do I do that. I order foam blocks with very exact specifications such as density, and pore size distribution. Then I confirm that the delivered blocks meet those specifications. I test the indentation deflection force in 13 different places on the block.(See Note-1)

When you order a RV mattress my supplier cuts a "block" to your size, and delivers it to me the next day. Only after I have confirmed that the block has met specifications, is your RV mattress put into production.

( Note-1) Much more about of this in the menu item "About The Foam".

About the cover on your RV mattress.

The cloth cover of any mattress is called "ticking". Ticking can be made from any cloth,. For my RV mattresses we uniquely use the highest industry standard of damask cotton. The highest standard involves thread ply (thickness) and thread count (threads per inch). (See Note-2)

Our RV mattress ticking is quilted. In the 21 century this is particularly meaningful as the quilting is used to attach a fire-retardant layer to the cotton. Additionally, the quilting adds thickness and "body" to the cloth, making it stronger still. (See Note-2)

(Note-2) Much more about this in the menu item "About The Cloth Cover".

A little about the seams on your RV mattress.

Girl not sleeping on a sofa bed mattressCan you imagine sewing the last seam of a RV mattress with an ordinary sewing machine.  maybe six guys holding the mattress while the tailor zips one side along at a few inches a minute. Its a ridiculous picture, but some people still make custom RV mattresses just this way.

Ours are assembled using a huge machine wherein the mattress stays still and the machine moves around the perimeter. The seams are straight and the sewing is perfect. Of course, we also sew a cotton ribbon over the seams. The ribbon is called "welting". The welting protects the seams from wear and also adds strength. Otherwise, the seam would be a weak spot; the Achilles Heel of your RV mattress.


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